03 / 24 / 2019

--Kristian Erickson

Kristian Erickson hails from a rich history of pioneer Alaskan heritage and bush ethics.
He has lived in Alaska much of his life and enjoys spending time appreciating the
spectacular Alaskan scenery and the unique Alaska lifestyle.
Kristian is a well seasoned traveler, fluent in several languages including German and
Spanish.  He has traveled and studied extensively in Europe and Latin America.
He has over 26 years of experience in adjusting claims.  He began his career at Pemco
in Seattle, Washington in 1988.  He moved to Alaska in 1995 and worked for an Anchorage
based independent adjusting firm 16 years before moving up to Alaska Adjusters.
Mr. Erickson has extensive knowledge and expertise in complex liability cases.  He has
successfully handled many complicated high profile cases to conclusion.  Kristian enjoys
respect and a well established reputation for integrity among both plaintiff and defense
attorneys across Alaska.   He is a consummate communicator.
Over the years, Kristian has traveled all over Alaska to many remote bush communities
while handling claims.  His knowledge, understanding and unique perspective of the
people in these communities has made him a valuable asset in resolving claims in the
some of the most unique locations and situations.
Mr. Erickson worked together with his colleague David LeNorman on many complex and
high profile cases for over twelve years.  Their teamwork combined with a unique ability
to thoroughly and efficiently investigate cases proved to be an effective tool for their clients.
Kristian Erickson
"Alaska is my home and helping Alaskans is my passion...
from the Chukchi Sea to the Tongass Narrows.
I'm proud to be part of a growing team of professionals
who derive satisfaction from getting the job done right."
Kristian SIG